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Re: RE [Orgmode] Re: Issues with org-mode and LaTeX export.

From: gerald . jean
Subject: Re: RE [Orgmode] Re: Issues with org-mode and LaTeX export.
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 14:37:00 -0400

Erik Iverson <address@hidden> a écrit sur 2010/10/21 14:26:51 :

> >
> > For the time being I am stuck with this version.  I am sending a
request to
> > our IT group to upgrade Emacs to the most recent version for the
version of
> > RedHat we have, this should have a more recent version of org-mode, if
I am
> > lucky that should be done in a couple weeks.  In the mean time I will
> > manually add, or exclude, what I want from the exported "*.tex" file.
> Do you have write access to your home directory?  That's all you need
> to install the latest and greatest. Although I do not know how org 7
> works with your version of Emacs.  Probably smart to have them
> upgrade since there are tons of improvements in Emacs, and it's,
> you know, free.

Yes I do have write access to my home.  I do manage ESS versions, AucTeX
versions and a full TeXLive distribution that way.  But I do find this is
enough, I am not very efficient at system maintenance and do have other
work to do.  Hence I'll wait a little and let the "experts" do a system
wide installation.


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