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Re: [Orgmode] Umlauts in LaTeX export

From: Sunny Srivastava
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Umlauts in LaTeX export
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 12:56:07 -0400

Thanks Richard,
I had the same issue! I can definitely use your solution!


On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 11:50 AM, Richard Lawrence <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi all,

I don't think this is a bug so much as an unfortunate consequence of
expected behavior, but I wanted to document it here for the sake of
future mailing list searches, because I didn't find anything about it
myself.  (If someone has a better solution than the one I propose,
please clue me in!)

To add an umlaut/trema/diaeresis to a letter in LaTeX, I use the \"
command, as in:


Unfortunately, due to the fact that Org export treats both `{}' and `"'
specially, this will be exported to LaTeX as:


It isn't sufficient to surround the \"{o} with math mode delimiters, e.g.,


even though this will prevent Org from escaping the brackets and
converting the double-quote, because the command doesn't seem to produce
output in math mode.  (The compiled file will read "Gdel".)

So, the work-around I've come up with is to use an \mbox inside math
mode, which prevents Org from doing the escapes/conversions:


A bit ugly, but it produces the correct output.

Hope that helps someone!  And again, if there's a better way, please let
me know!


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