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Re: [O] Literate Programming - Continue a Source Block?

From: Neeum Zawan
Subject: Re: [O] Literate Programming - Continue a Source Block?
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 16:38:57 -0700

"Sebastien Vauban"
<address@hidden> writes:

> The only case that pops up to my mind now, of such a use case where
> overwriting could be "needed" (well, let's say useful) is for some pedagogical
> document that one would write, where code is constructed from a simplistic
> (and buggy) approach to a correct one.
> One could say: the code to do that is this one, and show the block contents.
> Then, discover problems to it, explain them in the document, and make a new
> version of the block with the same name (for tangling reasons).
> Then, highlight some limitations of the new code, fix them in a new block with
> the same name, etc.
> Does that mean it needs to be implemented?  Up to you...

I gave a similar example earlier, and I think Eric said that can be
handled by just changing the tangle header for the code you
overwrite. Not as convenient, though.

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