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Re: [O] How to add entry in the Agenda view

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: Re: [O] How to add entry in the Agenda view
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 14:57:15 +0100
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Xin Shi <address@hidden> writes:

> I usually have a dedicated window (frame) for Org Agenda view. I found
> it would be very convient to be able to add item directly from the
> Agenda buffer, however, I don't see that command in the manual. (A
> closer one is the refill, which moves the entry to another category)

With point on a day in the agenda, try "i d", and see the value of
org-agenda-diary-file.  Here's the snippet from the info doc.


`i     (`org-agenda-diary-entry')'
     Insert a new entry into the diary, using the date at the cursor
     and (for block entries) the date at the mark.  This will add to
     the Emacs diary file(3), in a way similar to the `i' command in
     the calendar.  The diary file will pop up in another window, where
     you can add the entry.

     If you configure `org-agenda-diary-file' to point to an Org-mode
     file, Org will create entries (in org-mode syntax) in that file
     instead.  Most entries will be stored in a date-based outline tree
     that will later make it easy to archive appointments from previous
     months/years.  The tree will be built under an entry with a
     `DATE_TREE' property, or else with years as top-level entries.
     Emacs will prompt you for the entry text--if you specify it, the
     entry will be created in `org-agenda-diary-file' without further
     interaction.  If you directly press <RET> at the prompt without
     typing text, the target file will be shown in another window for
     you to finish the entry there.  See also the `k r' command.  

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