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Re: [O] Journal versus clock tables: Opposing requirements?

From: Bernt Hansen
Subject: Re: [O] Journal versus clock tables: Opposing requirements?
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 22:21:03 -0500
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Tommy Kelly <address@hidden> writes:

> Bernt wrote:
>> For item 1) can you use the display of inactive timestamps to get part
>> of the information you want in the agenda and then visit the items with
>> either follow mode (F) or manually visit each item with SPC to get more
>> detail?
> Thanks. That's pretty much exactly my workaround now. So I enter data
> all over the place in my file, so as to preserve position with respect
> to headings (so my clock table is correct). Therefore the only way to
> get the journal-style output seems to be as you suggest.
> The problem is, at the end of the week, when I want to output a report
> of what I did, it's a fairly manual task. It's true that even with a
> chronological report I wouldn't necessarily leave the chronological
> output as-is, with no editing or grouping. But it will be *much*
> easier to get what I want if I can start with a simple linear-time
> report of everything, than if I have to work my way through the weekly
> agenda in follow mode.

If you can manually create your report (even if it is tedious) then it
should be possible to automate most of it.  This is Emacs after all -
you can program it to do whatever you need it to do.

It should be possible to write code that walks your agenda, visits the
tasks, and copies and pastes the details to a temporary org buffer/file
just for your chronological report.

I have no idea what that code would look like though... it depends on
how often you require this weekly report if writing that code would be
worth it or not.


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