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Re: [O] Journal versus clock tables: Opposing requirements?

From: Bernt Hansen
Subject: Re: [O] Journal versus clock tables: Opposing requirements?
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 07:28:35 -0500
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Tommy Kelly <address@hidden> writes:

>> ... it depends on how often you require this weekly report...
> Ermm, weekly :-)
>> It should be possible to write code that walks your agenda, visits the
>> tasks, and copies and pastes the details to a temporary org buffer/file
>> just for your chronological report.
> Absolutely. But as I've been thinking about this, I'm realizing that
> in fact a key input requirement (as opposed to my two output
> requirements -- chronology plus clock tables) is ease of entry. As I
> begin some new chunk of work, I don't want to have to hunt around for
> the most appropriate heading to clock into and begin writing notes
> under. As a result, what's happening is two things. First, I'm just
> falling back on your single "Organization" catch-all task; second, I'm
> not writing *any* notes.
> With a chronological journal, there's no decision to be made. You just
> start logging at the end (or start) of the journal. But maybe
> something in the org-capture area is what I need. I've tried it before
> and didn't get very far, but I'll have another look.

I tend to use capture mode to refile.org (all level 1 tasks) and then
refile them later to the appropriate place.  I clock time on the task
when I create it and sometimes I end the capture task with C-c C-c
(which stops the clock) and immediately switch back to it with F9-SPC in
my setup.  Sometime later I'll refile this item to the right place in
the tree.  I don't do that now - when I'm supposed to be working on it
but later when I have 2 minutes to spare :)

When I start something new it's C-M-r (or C-c r or whatever your capture
binding is) t or n (for Todo or Note) then start entering data in the
capture buffer that is being clocked.  C-c C-c when done and possible
switch back to it immediately with F9-SPC.

I never hunt around for where a task should live when I capture it - I
used to do that with multiple capture task targets and it was just too


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