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Re: [O] Tweaking the export

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] Tweaking the export
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 19:17:09 +0530
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I will let Christian answer for himself.

> [Nicolas]
> While I understand the shape of your input, I fail to see what you
> output should you look like. For example, given the following paragraph,
> text A        text A'
> line 2        line 2 bis
> A line with *emphasis*        A traduced line with *emphasis*

>> [Christian]
>> I need to separate these two parts in separate texts; the stuff to the
>> left of the <tab> has to go into one file, the stuff to the right to
>> some other file, 

>> while at the same time merging the chunks of texts
>> into paragraphs.

If I interpret the above lines, I imagine his request more along the
following lines:

text A text A'
line 2 line 2

My name is Jambunathan. I live  Mon nom est Jambunathan. Je vis 
in India. ....................  en India.......................

He wants the "English column" to be collected in to an English file and
the "French column" to be collected in to a French file.

It is possible that "English column" constitutes a poem and the "French
column" is a line-by-line translation of the column to the left.

In some sense, he wants to tangle the "English column", let's say as
verse_en.org and "French column" to verse_fr.org and later include them
as a table cell or a column of a 2-C section. 

Notionally something like:
|#+INCLUDE: verse_en.org |#+INCLUDE: verse_fr.org|

Put another way, collect Column-X in to Paragraph-X and do whatver.

ps: French translation is courtesy google.

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