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Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 13:50:45 -0700

On 2012-01-28, Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:
> If you don't know which one it is, you can successively mark each table
> in that buffer and use org-export-dispatch with the region active (it
> will only export the region) until the culprit is found.

I get "Before first headline at position ..." error.  Can't send stack
trace now.

>   (org-e-ascii-verbatim-format). That will affect ~code~, =verbatim= and
>   inline src blocks.

Can these be affected individually?  Or can emphasis be told to be
always left in verbatim?

>> It splits the window even though I have pop-up-windows set to nil.


It is true that this only applies to display-buffer.  And this is not
only a problem with your exporter.  But most of Emacs can be made to
work properly with this variable.  There are parts that do not.  Those
require an ever-expanding list of defadvices, same-window-*, and other
kludges to use the same window.  pop-up-windows is a good candidate
for the user to signal the intention to do this for all output

In any case, I added a defadvice.  There does not exist any way to say
"Do not split output windows".  So it is a constant struggle.

>> Lists are not indented although I always indent them by 2.
> e-ascii back-end has its own (configurable) layout. In particular, it
> doesn't bother with the indentation you use in the original Org buffer.
> I'm not convinced that lists should be made special and have their own
> margin variable. There are not many visual markers in the ASCII output,
> indentation being one of them. I prefer to use them parsimoniously.

I might need to stick with the old exporter then.  Here are 2 reasons
I like indented lists:

  1) Notice how it is set off so you know when the end of the list is?
  2) Other reasons

>> Feature requesti --export tables using tab characters.  If it doesn't
>> exist already.  Maybe it does?
> Do you mean inserting tabs instead of white spaces in cells? If that's
> the case, I'd rather not implement it.

No, I mean that this is a useful way to send things to people who use
proportional fonts.

> Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for your work on the exporter.


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