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Re: [O] (OT) How to follow a mailing list with very high activity (like

From: Alexander Baier
Subject: Re: [O] (OT) How to follow a mailing list with very high activity (like this one here)?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 22:05:08 +0200
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Hello Martin,

you might want to have a look at gnus - an news/email client for
emacs. It has something called scoring (I believe this is a concept from
usenet/nntp). It allowes to do exactly what you want to do and even
more. You can tell gnus to hide a particular thread, so you do not have
to see it again. You may even define certain rules that match headers
(subject lines, authors, ...) to tell gnus what you want and do not want
to read.

You can read more about it in (info "(Gnus) Scoring") [in case you do
not know what to do with this, copy it to your emacs and eval it ;-)].

As to storing mails, have you heard of gmane.org? This is a service that
lets you read mailing lists as if they were a newsgroup. I personally do
not save anything from this list locally, as I know I can always get it
from gmane.

In summary, gnus is a great thing, but also very complex and a bit
daunting to setup. I like to think of it as another emacs inside emacs
(which by the way also applies to org-mode) in terms of complexity.

 Alexander Baier

On 2014-04-16 21:28 M wrote:
> This is off-topic, but I hope that someone can give me some good advice:
> During the last years, I'be become a real org-mode fan and I want to stay
> current and be active in the great org-mode community.
> I've subscribed to the orgmode mailinglist about 1,5 years ago and so I have
>>17.500 mails in my inbox.
> You really have to be organized very well to deal with so much information!
> Is there a tutorial somewhere for good approaches, how to participate in
> such a list (without doing it as a full time job)?
> IMHO, there must be some process like:
> Review each new topic
>  -> if interesting/relevant mark it to follow what happens,
>  -> else if not interesting/relevant, then ignore the following posts.
> The interesting stuff should also be stored to be available later for
> reference...
> How do you handle that?
> Are there tools which make such a process easier?
> Up to now I just used my old mail client Microsoft Entourage 2004 on OS X
> for storing those mails.
> Kind regards
> Martin 

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