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Re: HELLO changes

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: HELLO changes
Date: 03 Oct 2003 22:59:42 +0300
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Dave Love <address@hidden> writes:
> These changes alter some language names to agree with the definitions
> in the ICU locales database (somewhere under
> <URL:http://oss.software.ibm.com/icu/>).

Good, but you have mixed uppercases and lowercases in capital letters of
language names: you changed most of the names to lowercase, but kept
uppercase for Czech, Estonian, German, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish.  You
should choose either uppercase or lowercase and stick to it in all names.

Also you added RTL name for Hebrew, but text sample is in LTR, because
it was decided to write it in logical-order until BIDI display
will be supported.  So the language name should be changed to LTR.

> I added a maths example for technical characters and removed
> `Unicode characters', since most the characters in the file are in
> Unicode.

I think it's too early to remove Unicode section, because it still
produces different visual results than text in non-Unicode.
So there is need to compare them and test visual differences.

> Also the `FORTRAN' example was confusing since it doesn't start in
> column 7 as it should if you're in the dark ages of upper-case only.

This is good that you've removed FORTRASH, because it can't be mentioned
without insult to all hackers.  Since this name was added for fun, it should
be replaced by C.  Moreover, C is the default locale!  So it has the right
to be presented on this list.  The greeting in C will look like this:

C               main(int argc, char *argv[])

> I think the ASCII-only lines should be removed as they don't help to
> `illustrate a number of scripts'.

Right, the purpose of HELLO file is not to teach how to say hello in
various languages, but to illustrate a number of scripts.
So non-ASCII character should be added to ASCII-only greetings.
For example, Finnish has now ASCII-only informal greeting "Hei".
I propose to add more formal greeting "Hyvää päivää" (Good afternoon)
which has a-umlaut.  For Estonian I propose to add "Tere päevast"
(Good afternoon) with a-umlaut, and "Tere õhtust" (Good evening)
with o-tilde.

I think it is not very necessary to add only greetings.  It's more important
that sample text will illustrate as much as possible non-ASCII characters
of a language.  For example, Swedish sample text could also have "hej då"
or something other word containing a-ring letter and other non-ASCII letters.
For Danish "En øl værsgo" could be added with o-slash and ae, and so on.

Note also that all changes in HELLO file should be duplicated
in `sample-text' properties of every `set-language-info-alist'.

> Sorry about the base64, but it will probably get mangled otherwise.

Sure, it's the right way to transfer this file safely by e-mail.


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