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Re: char-displayable-p returns t for undisplayable characters

From: Jonathan Yavner
Subject: Re: char-displayable-p returns t for undisplayable characters
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 02:03:48 -0500
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JY> I'm getting a blank because Emacs is sending Latin-1 but xterm is still
JY> expecting UTF-8.

JY> Note: xterm in locale iso88591 *can* display an e-acute, but not when
JY> running Emacs.  Why?

KH> locale should be changed before you invoke xterm
KH> How did you see e-acute on xterm?

Using 'cat'.  When I start xterm using
    % LANG=en_US.iso88591 xterm
the terminal actually uses ISO-8859-1, but environment variable "LANG" is 
still set to en_US.utf8 for some reason.  Changing LANG to match xterm's 
actual locale makes Emacs behave properly.

KH> Currently Emacs can't detect if an iso10646-1 fonts surely
KH> contains specific glyph or not.

So this is basically the same problem as with xterm?  If the display system 
claims it supports iso10646-1, we have to take them at their word?

Oh, well.  I guess I'll make it the choice of character be a customize option 
and let the user deal with it.

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