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Re: GUD node names

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: GUD node names
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 20:00:52 +1200

 >      > Two GUD-related nodes in the Emacs manual have too general names:
 >      > `Layout' and `Other Buffers'.
 > I agree that that is unfortunate.
 >     They are not subnodes of GUD but of "GDB Graphical Interface".  All the 
 > other
 >     (GUD) nodes listed with "GDB Graphical Interface" apply to a range of
 >     debuggers (GDB, DBX, PDB, PERLDB etc).
 > This doesn't really change the situation.

No, but it does explain why adding the word `GUD' (Grand Unified Debugger)
to these names wouldn't be a good idea.                  ^^^^^^^

 > Perhaps you've misunderstood the problem.  The problem is that these
 > names, when considered OUTSIDE the context, appear to be much more
 > general than the nodes really are.

I didn't know that a menu entry can have three parts.  I have used the term
GDB-UI on previous occasions.  Perhaps that could be used, although clearly
it doesn't carry the recognition that the word GUD has.  As in:

* Window Layout: GDB-UI Window Layout.  Control the number of displayed buffers.
* Breakpoints Buffer::   A breakpoint control panel.
* Stack Buffer::         Select a frame from the call stack.
* Watch Expressions::    Monitor variable values in the speedbar.
* Other Buffers: Other GDB-UI Buffers.  Input/output, locals, registers, 
assembler, threads
                        and memory buffers.
@end menu


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