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Re: [ft-devel] problems with `kushal-work' branch

From: Kushal K S V S
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] problems with `kushal-work' branch
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2017 12:26:20 +0530

Got it. Thanks.

Also, I've tried installing FreeType library on another Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit.
I did ./autogen
        ./configure --prefix=<path>
        make install 
AFAICS it installed the 32-bit version. ( no lib64/ folder, there was an lib/ folder).

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 12:15 PM, Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> wrote:

>> . As a prerequisite (documented in the README) the user must
>>   compile the `base' version of FreeType manually so that a DLL
>>   gets created.  This should *not* be handled automatically.  And
>>   no need to install them.
>> . Similarly, the `test' version of FreeType should be built with a
>>   simple call to `make'.  Again there should be no need to install
>>   it.
>> . The user should then specify the `base' FreeType `.so' file using
>>   a variable, say, `FREETYPE_BASE_DLL'.
> After compiling both the libraries, I am doing this in objs/ folder.
>     libtool --mode=install cp \
>       /home/ksvsk/working-repo/tests/make_png/test/
> And using the .so file generated in the test/ folder.  Similarly
> doing this for the 'base' version as well.  I am getting the correct
> result.  Is this what is needed to be done?

Well, calling `libtool' this way is kind of an installation, which is
exactly what should *not* be expected.  There shouldn't be any
assumptions where the base DLL is located.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough, so I'm trying again.

  . Compile the base FreeType version in directory
    `/home/kushal/freetype2-base'.  After compilation, the .so file
    can be found as

  . Compile the test FreeType version (i.e., current git) in directory
    `/home/kushal/freetype2'.  After compilation, the .so file can be
    found as

  . The glyph image tests should now
    be run with something similar to the following

      cd /home/kushal/freetype2
      FREETYPE_TEST_BASE_DLL="/home/kushal/freetype2-base/objs/.libs/" \
      FREETYPE_TEST_FONT="/home/kushal/foo.ttf" \
      FREETYPE_TEST_PT_SIZES="12 15 18" \
      FREETYPE_TEST_MODES="aa mono" \
      make tests

    Of course, there is no need to explicitly specify the second DLL
    because `make tests' can find it by itself.


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