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[ft-devel] Arabic font

From: Ivan Kuckir
Subject: [ft-devel] Arabic font
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 21:22:50 +0100

Hi guys, I am implementing my own font renderer. I am trying to render

الْجُمْلَةُ الاسْمِيَّةُ

with an attached font. The third character is Sukun and it should be rendered above the previous letter.

Where is the information about the Sukuns rendering stored? I didn't find it in GSUB, there is no GPOS and no kern in that font. How can my renderer know, that this and possible some other characters / glyphs should be rendered above a previous one? Do you take that info from the Unicode standard? But how do you calculate the vertical position?

Thanks in advance,

Description: application/font-ttf

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