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Re: [Freetype] Best approach to get anti-aliased font bitmaps?

From: Vadim Plessky
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Best approach to get anti-aliased font bitmaps?
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 21:30:29 +0400

On Wednesday 15 May 2002 17:58, Marc L Cohen wrote:
|  >"Pedriana, Paul" wrote:
|  >> ...
|  >> Yes, but hand-tuned anti-aliased bitmaps are going to be better
|  >> looking and faster than manually anti-aliased monochrome bitmaps.
|  >> I want to use hand-tuned anti-aliased bitmaps. So I ask again,
|  >> is such a thing possible with FreeType?
|  >
|  >I suppose they would look great but I have never heard *any*
|  >discussions on "hand tuned anti-aliased bitmaps".
|  >
|  >To my knowledge no one has ever created them. They just do not
|  >exist.
|  Actually there were some. When IBM first introduced the XGA display
|  adapter, the OS/2 driver was distributed with hand tuned anti-aliased
|  bitmap fonts for onscreen display. Support for them was lost when they
|  switched from a 16-bit display driver model to a 32-bit model.

Hi Marc!

Are those fonts *licensable*?
I mean, as they are not used these days - what about making them publically 
available with some non-restrictive license, like MIT or Artistic?

Same qustion about some PostScript / TrueType fonts, or at least outlines from 
them, for distribution as part of XFree86/Linux or other Open-Source 
Linux Desktop is heavily hurted by missing good-quality fonts.
IMO, this should be fixed, and fixed ASAP. I am trying to fix this problem 
already for some time, but some help would be vey handy ;-)

|  >What little I have heard on the subject of "much better fonts"
|  >is that in the future we will have higher resolution displays
|  >(~200DPI) and then anti-aliasing will not be an issue.
|  >
|  >--
|  >Brian Stell
|  Marc L. Cohen
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|  Internet:address@hidden
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