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[ft] Testing new LCD rendering mode

From: Ismail Donmez
Subject: [ft] Testing new LCD rendering mode
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 18:02:04 +0300
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I tested new libXft LCD Filtering patch and I got some screenshots to show 
too :-)

shows the rendering with old LCD rendering patch, its all good there.

shows the rendering with new LCD filtering patch, notice that the blurriness 
of the font makes it look bad especially when its bold, also notice there are 
color fringes which looks like the case for vanilla libXft + enabling 
subpixel hinting.

Test Environment: 8pt Tahoma, 96 dpi

I downloaded libXft-2.1.7 and applied patch libXft-2.1.7-lcd-filter-2.patch .


P.S: Example application used is KNode.


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