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[Fsuk-manchester] killed by silent decent

From: Peter Colton
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] killed by silent decent
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 06:59:17 +0000
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        Hello all,

On the list there as just been the posting that March meeting and April
meeting will have speakers. As we all know Richard will be at the Future
sonic venue in Manchester May 2. I would have thought that we would be
making some plans to campaign at this venue.

>From what I have seen up to now on this list. Is that any thing to do
with Future sonic and Richard is killed by silent decent. Any discussion
of videoing of Richard talk as been met with all most zero response,
thanks Nigel for your input here. And any conversation about leaflets
for the advent as again been met with all most zero response, thanks
Oliver for your input here.

The only way I can interpret this over all lack of interest in Future
sonic and Richard is that it some kind of boycott.

Or is there some plan that being work on off list ? The off list
discussion seem to be the method of scheduling speaker for the monthly
meeting. There is a secret few that decide what what with this free
software group.

As you may of guested I not a happy bunny with this obtuse attitude that
coming from the majority of the group.

My response to this behaviour is to not attend the March meeting and the
April meeting because I see it as a waste of my time when there no
intention by the majority of the group to actively engage in the Future
sonic venue.

        Regards: peter

( Hasta la Victoria Siempre )
( www.democracynow.org : The War On Peace Report )

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