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Re: [glob2-devel] Nicowar desync *packagers please read*

From: Stéphane Magnenat
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Nicowar desync *packagers please read*
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 11:30:49 +0100
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> Could you check if boost.rational use any floating point operations ? We
> need to know this before we could use it, thx.

I don't know, but I *hope* that boost::rational is templatized on the 
underlying types ;-)

So, if other packagers agree, it's ok for me to add a dependency on boost. As 
far as I know, basic boost libraries consist only in headers so at worst we 
can set a script within glob2 distribution that locally install boost in 
glob2's tree. So, other packagers, please express your opinion. No opinion 
means acceptation

But I will nevertheless underline Nuage's comment, *make sure you don't use 
float or double in any engine related class*

Have a nice day,


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