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re: [glob2-devel] should turrets attack air?

From: donkyhotay
Subject: re: [glob2-devel] should turrets attack air?
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 08:39:13 -0700
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In that case I would recommend changing the wording a little bit. A level 1 turret is ground only, then you upgrade to level2(air) or level2(ground) and then to level3(air) or level3(ground). This will avoid confusion with the idea of upgrading to "level 1" and keep the turrets parallel, but seperate to each other. I also think it would be good to have some sort of "super-turret" capable of attacking both. Definitely a high-level item and very expensive to build but I always hated the zerg turrets and they were one reason I always ended up playing protoss. Adding the capability of upgrading buildings along different lines is a good idea and would be useful for other things. I also want to make another plug for the idea that explorers only attack units and are incapable of attacking buildings. This makes them very useful at decimating an army but incapable of winning the game alone.

This is something thats been discussed in the forums. An idea that came up was the idea that level1 turrents can not attack air and you would need to upgrade to level2 before attacking air. This of course is slightly different, and a level 2 would allow attack of both. Another way of doing turrets I've been thinking about would be completely different. Have a level1 turret do a very short-range attack that attacks air and ground (I'm thinking of something similar to the explorers attack). When you upgrade to level 2 you keep the short range attack and add either long range ground or long range air. Upgrade to level3 then adds the other long range attack.

I suggest a fix : one can choose to upgrade level 1 ground turret (that should
not be able to attack birds) either to level 2 ground turret or to level 1
air turret (that can not attack ground units). That is more or less the same
as the zerg turrets in Starcraft and give additional gameplay as a choice to
the player.

That would require ability to upgrade to several building but should not be
difficult to implement.


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