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[glob2-devel] why libgag

From: fede
Subject: [glob2-devel] why libgag
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 01:55:21 +0200
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Hello list,
i have a question. Sometimes i get to existence questions and i can't sleep 
until i get rid of it. Sorry if this looks boring, but that's just me.

I started write some c++ code into glob2, just a few because i'm not a 
programmer. I just bought a c++ for beginners guide many years ago, and after 
a month or so i closed it, upped head/eyes to invisible spectators, and said:
"i know c++" (cit. Matrix).
After some days i forgot almost everything :D

Well back in topic.
If i try to figure out how to structure a game (thinking on graphics), with my 
lacking knowledge, i think just a big graphic class/subclassess accepting 
inputs and drawing when it's time to draw. A list of maps objects (or 
mapheaders if maps comes to be too many), when it's time to draw list of your 
local maps just listOfMaps->draw(&graphiCclass, param, param).  Coding into 
ListOfMaps shouldn't force you to bind to a particular kind of list (example 
libgag::guiList). GraphicClass will also receive other inputs to combine 
everything, it has to be called just at 4' stage of main loop which would be 
like "control stage" -- "get inputs" -- "apply" -- "draw" or so.
It also opens settings files (like where to locate a button in 
absolute/relative coordinates). 
It's not hard to imagine this way a game which let you move, resize, hide 
menus when gui is in unlocked mode. I feel this design like flexible.

I think it's also easier to manage.
At the moment, it's strictly suggested to play glob2 online at 800x600 because 
of lag, even with powerful computer we got today. I know that glob2 is cpu 
hungry because of all those units pathfinding, assignments to works etc, but 
this doesn't have to do with my screen surface.
The only reason i can guess to this behaviour is a non effective draw sequence 
(things get overdrawn in same cycle maybe). 

I never seen toolkit source. Neither i know any toolkit. All my little past 
programs has been written with SDL only. I guess that with a learning overwork 
at start, then a toolkit is powerful, but i rather write a bit now when got 
free time, than learn again and not get concrete satisfactions.

I tried to change a bit a graphic menu behaviours, did some local test changes 
to libgag.

Now i come to the existence question: having a lib (any lib - libgag lib), 
instead of a class like i described, is less flexible just by design? Or it's 
just a first impression?

I'm new to this design topic, i'm happy for any answer.

Thanks in advance,

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