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[glob2-devel] Re: beta 5

From: Artur Dobrogowski
Subject: [glob2-devel] Re: beta 5
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:36:30 +0200

about voice transporting, I've seen a success of transporting it. I could hear Progval well. Nevertheless I never succeed to send a message, and once I've seen that the all game crashed when someone pressed "v". It might have been a coincindence, but still will demand checking imo. Not before relasing 0.9.5, though it may wait, the lesser hypothetical bug.

About listing sounds: np :) I am willing to help as I can.

The one thing more must be repaired before 0.9.5, an online playing. Because of all bugs > crashes/freezes/misunderstoods it's pretty unplayable. Game sometimes freezes after start, often crashes, sometimes you don't see that people are ready eventhough they selected "ready", you can't change host's colour from red (minor), there is also chat bug sometimes( you can't see messages fromĀ  some(all?) YOG users), no idea what causes that, there are some desyncs, but I am not sure if they aren't because of my client. One more, pretty irritating LAG bug, often when you start a game there's bug caused lagging, it's waiting for every1, displaying few frames, and waiting again second or 2... that makes the game unplayable. If you need any others opinion ask on the irc, serv OFTC, channel #glob2

Greetings, have a nice day,

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