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[gmediaserver-devel] Support of ACER AT3705-MGW

From: linux01
Subject: [gmediaserver-devel] Support of ACER AT3705-MGW
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 14:06:33 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.12-2006-07-14

        I'm quite new with media server and UPNP stuff and I'm trying to make 
gmediaserver to work with a ACER 
AT3705-MGW "Media 
        I have "seen" two major points :
        ** When gmediaserver is initialized, all the files I have set to be 
shared, are marked as "skipped". For example 
        Found regular file `dsc_3901.jpg'
              Matched no type
              Skipping (file type excluded)
        Found regular file `Gorillaz(02)5-4 Five Four - Gorillaz.ogg'
                Matched type Ogg Vorbis audio - audio/vorbis
                Skipping (file type excluded)
        Found regular file `Mais Qui A Tue Pamela Rose.avi'
            Matched no type
            Skipping (file type excluded)
        The only files that pass through are mp3. Is that "normal" ?
        ** Browsing from the Media Center in the directories doesn't work with 
a "time out error message", most of the 
        Sometimes, it just works but I can't figure out why.
        I have tried using the windows software and it seems to just work.
        I can grab network captures or more debugging information if you need.
        I also have a question, how does this upnp media thing work ? I mean, 
is it the media server that streams the 
content to 
        the media center or is it the media gateway that grab the content from 
the media server much like a NFS or CIFS 
        share ?
        Let me know if you need more information/details (I'm not a C developer 
but I'm 
        really good to network, network protocol and system).
        Thanks in advance for any help,
        Sincerely yours, Mathieu MILLET.

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