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Re: [gmediaserver-devel] Compatibiltiy Report

From: Arthur Taylor
Subject: Re: [gmediaserver-devel] Compatibiltiy Report
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 07:28:03 +0100
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Hi Wayne,

Gmediaserver is one of the UPnP servers we test against. There is a mostly-complete list of Reciva devices currently on the shelves here:
but there are easily 20 models sitting on the desks in our office and many more on the project plan.

It's not quite safe to say that Reciva powered devices are Gmediaserver compatible though. Bugs aside (I think we've fixed a fair few issues since the version of firmware that's currently on the Logik), our customers (the brands - Magicbox, Logik, Acoustic Energy) have the option of disabling whatever features they like. That said, of the 65 hardware configurations we currently support / have in development / did develop but have since been canned, only one (the Bush TR2015WIFI) has the feature switched off. We don't publish a feature-by-feature comparison of the units because that tends only to look favourable for brands that are using the latest firmware.

We're going to continue to test against Gmediaserver and continue to recommend to brands that they activate the UPnP feature, precisely for the reasons you identify with the limitations on CIFS sharing.

The Twonky thing we know about. I think after about version 4.1of TwonkyMedia it works fine - can't remember exactly what the issue was with that, but since at time of development we could no longer download versions pre 4.1, it didn't seem that we could reasonably fix-up support for those versions.

If you (or anyone else) would like to check out our latest release for compatibility purposes please let me know your radio's serial number, current service pack and hardware config (all available from the 'Configure', 'Version' menu), and that you're happy to kiss your manufacturer's warranty goodbye (we don't have an agreement with the brands that allows us to push upgrades to the units), and we can sort that out for you. Otherwise, our QA will be doing their utmost to make sure that we remain compatible.

Hope you're enjoying your radio and thanks to everyone here for their continued work on gmediaserver - all our developer machines run Linux and debugging 'what went wrong' is so much more straightforward with gmediaserver than Windows Media Connect :)



Wayne Stallwood wrote:

I have found gmediaserver 0.12.0 to be 90% compatible with the Logik
IR100 (only available in the UK) but from this it is probably safe to
infer that all Reciva Radio based devices (they make the
embedded linux wireless radio module that other manufacturers install in
their devices) will also work.

So although I have only tested the IR100 you could probably list at
least the following units as unconfirmed.

Revo Pico
Acoustic Energy
BT Internet Radio
Tangent Quattro
Roberts WM-201

(there are others there is an intempo unit and a bush unit that also use
the same reciva radio module)

and the Logik (Dixions) IR100
can be listed as working confirmed with the following caveat

On all firmware versions, when selecting a top level folder the Radio
will reboot sometimes, it is a rather strange bug because the the first
folder in my collection never causes this, and once playing the reboots
seem less frequent. So I generally just add one of the tracks from the
first folder and then whilst that is playing go and select the tracks I
really want to play.

Also note that technically the Reciva radios should not need a upnp
server as they can also pick up tracks from a SMB/CIFS share however on
the Logik unit at least there is a firmware bug/memory limitation that
restricts you to circa 5000 tracks, any more will cause the initial scan
to fail, using Gmediaserver you do not have this limitation.

PS None of the above currently work with twonkyvision as far as I can
tell (at least not with the last version of twonkyvision I paid for
(v3.1)) so at this point gmediaserver is about the only option for
supporting these radios beyond 5000 tracks on Linux

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