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Re: [gmediaserver-devel] Compatibiltiy Report

From: Wayne Stallwood
Subject: Re: [gmediaserver-devel] Compatibiltiy Report
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 23:48:44 +0100

Ok thanks to the sterling help and advice from Reciva I can confirm that
latter versions of the firmware appear to work very well with
gmediaserver. Not sure which radios have latter builds of the firmware
compared to the Logik but we can at the very least probably expect
future models to function without the small issues I had.

I am still going to press on and see if there is anything that can be
done at the server end for current logik builds to resolve the random
reboot bug I had.

Oh and a public thank you to Reciva and Arthur in particular for being
so helpful and community spirited.

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