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[Gnash-dev] proprietary player compatibility macros

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] proprietary player compatibility macros
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 00:14:05 +0200

I committed the first compile-time define for proprietary player compatibility.
This is buried into a .cpp file, and specific to a single feature (handling
of textfields using device fonts)

Thinking about the general problem, we likely want a define in the config.h 
compatibility issues as a whole. The problem would be handling differences 
different version of the proprietary player, and we know a few of them (no wiki 
page yet,
but making one could be a good start).

What do you think we should do when there are differences between proprietary 
(pp) versions ?  I guess some differences would be documented out there on the 
while some others might be just considered temporary bugs.

Usually, a flash coder willing to handle such differences, has to check for 
precise player
version (including architecture), so any 'emulation' we'd implement should be 
with a pp-compatible version string too.

Implementing multiple emulation modes would also be challenging (emulate this 
version on
this system, that version on that system).
Do we really want to go there ?

Comments welcome.


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