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Re: [Gnash] Urgent: An error occured while configure!!!

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Urgent: An error occured while configure!!!
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 11:44:41 -0700
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Michael Carlson wrote:

Unfortunately we haven't had a release yet, so we don't really have a
tar.gz file. I don't know when we're going to make a release, nobody's
spoken about it yet. I've never compiled tar.gz files on windows

There won't be an alpha release till the plugin works at the same level of functionality as the standalone player. Right now I'm dealing with the fact that OpenGL doesn't like threaded programs so it hangs Firefox a lot still... That and some other odd OpenGL issues... I can now get an image in the window, but it's all messed up like this:

The Gnash standalone player used to run on win32, and probably will in the future, but at this time the recent development has been all done on GNU/Linux systems. Careful attention has been paid to keeping things portable, but we're focusing more on adding and fixing core functionality to making a stable first release. The plans are to support win32 as well as Darwin in time.

Any developers on these other platforms are welcome to jump in and make this work right now. :-) For one thing, I don't even own a win32 machine... and my Mac is ancient.

        - rob -

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