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[Gnash] OpenGl for Embedded Systems!!!

From: gharbi taoufik
Subject: [Gnash] OpenGl for Embedded Systems!!!
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 09:09:15 +0100 (CET)

Hi Rob,
Do you know OpenGL for Embdded systems;
please see
Could this not be an alternative for libMesa

Rob Savoye <address@hidden> schrieb:
gharbi taoufik wrote:

> CPU Ti OMAP 1710 @ 206 MHz from Texas instruments with ARM9 core
> and 32 MB Ram
> based on 2.4.20 kernel Linux (Montavista Distribution)
> the command "uname -a" displays the following output:

> 1- Is this (building gnash) in general possible? or I' m dreaming too
> much :-)

If you had OpenGL, Gnash should build for this architecture. My gut
feeling is this would be too underpowered to run OpenGL adequately
unless you have a pretty good graphics processor, or do very simple
movies without much animation.

This is the main reason I want to replace the OpenGL backend with a
framebuffer one... This would be a great project for somebody, but it's
going to take awhile before I have the chance to do this. Once Gnash has
good backend framebuffer support, then you wouldn't need OpenGL.
Typically system like this only have framebuffer support and no real
graphics processor.

One of the goals of Gnash is to run on truly embedded systems like
this so it can be used for the GUI. Right now our priorities are
stabling Gnash (this is a new project, and under heavy development),
implementing critical functionality, and attempting to beat the Firefox
plugin into shape. So for now, "embedded GNU/Linux" translates to about
800Mhz Pentium class processor with some hardware acceleration support.
I have used the i810 and i815 as the low end of what works as a graphics
processor, although the this graphics processors has major bugs with
it's DRI implementation and leaks memory bad...

> 2- What is about the required libs (OpenGL, SDL, SDL_mixer, JPEG and so on)?
> I mean what should i consider while building the libs, or is there any
> advices based on experiences regarding also libs building.

This is all in the Gnash manual. There is an entire section on

> 3- Until now I've build with success (I think and i hope) the following
> libs for the environment mentioned above in a normal linux environment

Libmesa is the free implementation of OpenGL. Since Gnash uses the
GNU autotools, you should be able to cross compile it with no problem.
You just have to set --host, --build, and --target appropriately when

-rob -

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