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[Gnewsense-dev] gNS wiki: Error in licensing info for content

From: Luis Felipe Lopez Acevedo
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] gNS wiki: Error in licensing info for content
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 10:05:38 -0500

Hello everybody.

When I created the current theme for the wiki I made a mistake in the
licensing information for documentation that appears at the bottom of
every page. The error is that I put "GFDL" instead of "GFDL with no
invariant sections".

ompaul noted this and gave me some indications to fix it:

(15:44:26) ompaul: I have a way out of this
(15:46:27) ompaul: this is easy to fix
(15:46:49) ompaul: because anyone who edited can undo their edits if
they want the with invariants version
(15:47:00) ompaul: and we will tell them that in the line of text
(15:47:18) ompaul: but not straight away
(15:47:32) ompaul: put a notice in the theme linking to a "locked" page
(15:47:55) ompaul: lets call this page
(15:48:07) ompaul: LicenceInfoSpecialUpdate
(15:48:28) ompaul: On that page there should be the following text
(15:49:03) ompaul: On August 21 an error was found in the new wiki site.
(15:50:00) ompaul: In the transportation of information from one wiki
(PMwiki to Media-Wiki)
(15:50:04) ompaul: to another
(15:50:05) ompaul: .
(15:50:19) ompaul: Information was omitted.
(15:50:48) ompaul: This information was, that the site was "GDFL with no
invariant sections".
(15:51:04) ompaul: However what was transcribed was "GDFL".
(15:51:39) ompaul: To correct this we have now corrected the licence in
the main theme back to what it should be.
(15:52:39) ompaul: If you were a contributor to the site and object to
your changes having this Licence version, we would ask that you would
remove these sections with your login.
(15:53:10) ompaul: --
(15:53:27) ompaul: that should sort it out
(15:53:31) ompaul: would you concur?
(15:54:51) ompaul: then when this is done, as a matter of public record
we should mail the gnewsense-users list
(15:55:12) ompaul: then if anyone wants to inform other language lists
great :)

We would need someone to create the LicenceInfoSpecialUpdate locked page
and then I can modify the theme and pass it to you.

Thanks in advance.

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