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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: future of the wiki

From: Talli Somekh
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: future of the wiki
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 11:25:31 -0400

OK, no problemo. I hope to have the Wiki up (or hope to have my sysadmin have the Wiki up) in the next few days. However, that might have to wait until after the Labor day weekend.

If I can get a tgz or referred to a location with a tgz of the current content that would be great.

All this being said, I still don't think the most important issues have been worked out. I don't think whether we have an arch-ive, a wiki or an animated GIF for our website matters much without a strategy for what we are trying to accomplish in terms of content presentation, collaboration and attraction.

If a wiki provides the foundation for building the appropriate infrastructure then that's great because it's already been implemented and the community is generally comfortable with it. If not, then we should consider alternatives.

So here are some questions and prelim answers:

1) Who are we trying to attract? Are we trying to attract potential arch users that currently use free tools (svn, cvs), proprietary tools (Perforce, BK) or either? Are we trying to attract new arch hackers? Are we trying to attract free software managers or IT directors and CIOs?

Obviously the answers to the questions are all yes. The presentation for each group is rather different, however. FOSS dudes and dudettes aren't much in the need for slick presentation but the others need a rather complete sense of "professionalism".

2) What are the critical path items that people need to see in order to begin to grok arch? Docs? Projects that use arch? TODO items? Mailing list archives?
For a newbie or an intermediate user, we need to provide a clear navigation path to access critical content. A wiki is nice because it's relatively easy to create links. It's also scary because it can get beyond itself very easy. Either way, I'd like to prioritize and organize the content that is currently available. For instance, the tutorial is an amazing resource, but it's rather difficult to find. In fact, the tutorial for the package-framework is impossible to find AFAICT. That's a shame because it's a wonderful example of how arch can be leveraged.

3) Website editorial governance

        We've begun discussing this already, whcih is great.

There are more questions that I will send soon enough.


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