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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] newbie questions about tagging

From: Robin Farine
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] newbie questions about tagging
Date: 11 Nov 2003 23:54:00 +0100
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>>>>> Carlos Pereira writes:

    > 1) My current doubts are about tagging: the manual (above) 
    > seems to describe the explicit method, but says almost 
    > nothing about the other methods, namely the tagline method. 
    > Is there some URL that I missed?

Maybe it does mention the implicit method? Things have changed quite
fast this year and I haven't read the tutorial recently (tagline is
replacing implicit, but the idea remains).

    > 2) I have about 300 files in my (GPL) app, shall I use the --names
    > method just to start learning, importing and preparing my first 
    > repositories, or do I have to add tags to all these files before
    > having even a glimpse of how Arch works?

If you manage these files, I would recommend to start by tagging with
taglines (I seem to remember there is a script somewhere helping in
this task, search the mailing-list archive).

    > 3) How wise is it to start with a given tagging method and then
    > later change everything to, say, the recommended tagline method?
    > (I suppose it is not possible/recommended to have different files
    > tagged with different methods)?

Not the best thing to do because at the moment, tla would handle a
modified tag as a file delete followed by a file add. This would
result in a big changeset when nothing else changed in your project.

    > 4) Is there some URL comparing the advantages and disadvantages
    > of tagline and explicit methods?

At least some loooong threads in the archive. Just to mention this:
tagline is a superset of explicit, i.e. you can use explicit tags with
the tagline method, useful for binary or generated files for instance.

    > 5) In the tagline method I suppose I have to add a tag to each file,
    > typically at the beginning. Could someone post some examples of good 
    > taggingsystems, showing the exact line to insert in the source files?

You can add the tags at the end as well, this looks less intrusive and
kind of marks the end of the file (some people used to add an EOF
comment, embedded tags replace this nicely :). The best tags I know of
consist of UUIDs. You could bind a key in you preferred editor that
inserts one.

    > 6) How can I tag directories in the tagline method? (Reading the
    > mailling list archives, it seems that tags must be added
    > explicitly?)

Yes, you add explicit tags for directories.


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