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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Newbie -- setting up project with sub-trees

From: James Blackwell
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Newbie -- setting up project with sub-trees
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 22:02:11 -0500

In arch, we have something called configuration files. A configuration
file looks something like this: 

This is a master config used to get the main parts of the
#-  ------------
./docs                  project--docs
./src                   project-trunk--dev--1.0
./src/GUI/Gnome         project-gui-gtk--dev--1.0
./src/GUI/Qt            project-gui-qt--dev--1.0--patch-23
./src/GUI/Ncurses       project-gui-curses--dev--1.0
./plugins               project-plugins--dev
#-  ------------

#The plugin framework

#-  ------------
./plugins/loudsound              project--plugin-loudsound
./plugins/mp3                    project--plugin-mp3
./plugins/ogg                    project--plugin-ogg
#-  ------------

The idea behind these config files is that you run "tla buildcfg (config
file", and tla will get the latest revision for the latest version on
the right, and put it into the directory on the left. 

For example, lets say you're the ogg plugin developer. Rather than
"checking out" everything just to do some work, you can keep your own
custom config file in ~/configs which looks like this: 

#-  ------------
./src                   project--dev
./src/GUI/gtk           project-gui-gtk--dev
./src/plugins/ogg       project-plugin-ogg--dev

#-  ------------

You would use this by running:

$ tla buildcfg ~/getogg

I hope this helps.


In lists.arch.users, Juerg wrote:
> I am new to arch (coming from cvs). I worked my way through "arch Meets 
> hello-world", but now as I am about to set up a real project I am somewhat 
> confused.
> This new project is a modular application, consisting of a GUI and many 
> (dozens) of dynamically linked modules. Each of these modules is essentially 
> an own project, having an own version number and potentially own branches. 
> But it is part of the overall project. What I would like to have is one 
> project tree that I can check out from arch, containing all the modules and 
> the GUI. But the sub-directories should be independent in terms of version 
> numbers and branching status. The tree should look like this:
> MyProject/
>   MyProject/GUI/
>   MyProject/Modules/
>     MyProject/Modules/Module1/
>     MyProject/Modules/Module2/
>     ...
> How do I best go about that? Can I create nested archives in arch? Do I have 
> to work with meta-projects (multi-tree project)? I have to confess that I did 
> not fully understand chapter 24 in "arch Meets hello-world". If I need a 
> multi-tree project, could somebody provide me with a sample sequence of tla 
> commands to set up the simple tree above?
> Thank you very much for your help
> Juerg
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