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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Newbie questions about arch

From: Gergely Nagy
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Newbie questions about arch
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 14:39:59 +0100
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>  I have imported a quite complex directory tree on arch
> I have done all the things in the right way I suppose, but I got this
> strange log, running
>  tla changelog
> The log contains:
> [...]
>     new files:
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/=id
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/suka.mus.id2A
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/Makefile c/comple/comple-4.0.3/TODO
> [...]
> is this right or I add to arch the file ids (!!)?

That's perfectly ok. Even though they are not part of your sources, they
are part of the arch archive of it, thus, they are new files in the
archive. Don't worry about them, I'd say.

> I have also a small mac-problem; on Mac OS X, Finder creates some special
> files called
>       .DS_Store
> arch complains about these files ("These files violate naming
> conventions:").
> How can I instruct arch to ignore these files?

Changing the junk regexp in {arch}/=tagging-method to include .DS_Store
might do the job. If the files are more important than that, then
modify the precious pattern instead.

Gergely Nagy

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