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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Newbie questions about arch

From: Michael Poole
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Newbie questions about arch
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 08:35:40 -0500
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Giovanni Giorgi <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi All!
>  I have imported a quite complex directory tree on arch
> I have done all the things in the right way I suppose, but I got this
> strange log, running
>  tla changelog
> The log contains:
> [...]
>     new files:
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/=id
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/.arch-ids/suka.mus.id2A
>      c/comple/comple-4.0.3/Makefile c/comple/comple-4.0.3/TODO
> [...]
> is this right or I add to arch the file ids (!!)?

The default tagging method is to have explicit ID tags for each file;
they are stored in the .arch-ids subdirectories.  The behavior you see
is expected.

> I have also a small mac-problem; on Mac OS X, Finder creates some special
> files called
>       .DS_Store
> arch complains about these files ("These files violate naming
> conventions:").
> How can I instruct arch to ignore these files?

This can be configured in the per-directory .arch-inventory file or in
the per-working-directory {arch}/=tagging-method file.  The comments
in the latter explain it pretty well; you can also read Tom Lord's
Arch Tutorial ( --
the "Customizing the inventory Naming Conventions" section explains
this in more detail.

I hope this helps.

Michael Poole

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