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[Gnu-arch-users] tla tag: tag-version rev wrong?

From: Marco Mililotti
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] tla tag: tag-version rev wrong?
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 20:00:33 +0200
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I'm new to Arch, and I'm trying to understand if it suits my need for the projects I'm managing.
I'm using tla version 1.3.2 under Mac OSX.

After discovering that "tla tag --seal" doesn't create a base-0 sealed version (this is somewhat a known bug as I've been told), I started managing my projects using a "devel--x.y" line (where new patches are added), and using a "release" branch that is built of tags from "devel--x.y--patch-x". Well, here I've a problem. The base-0 revision I got created by my first tag *IS NOT* the latest patch-x from devel. Here is what happens:

I've a project directory "prj-dev" where my last revision of the development line for the project has been "tla get"-ed . My project has the following revisions:


I tag as follows (all local archives):
tla tag -S prj--devel--x.y--patch-2 prj--release--a.b

Then I move to a different place and do a get:
tla get prj--release--a.b prj-rel

And, magically, "prj-rel/" and "prj-dev/" are not the same. From the logs I can see "prj-rel" it's missing patch-2, at least.

Since -- as I've already stated -- I'm new to Tla-Arch, and since this seems more something that has to do with my inexperience (I cannot think it's a problem of tla get...), I would like to know if someone of you has any idea that could help me get the root of the problem. What could be wrong?

Any help/suggestions/hints is/are welcome,
I've removed (with a simple "/bin/rm -rf") the "prj--release--a.b" version that has been created by tag -S, and repeated the process many times, but with the same end result!

-- Marco

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