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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] clean up tla help

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] clean up tla help
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 03:11:02 +0100

   If you find it boring, rather than indulge in another round of
   does/doesn't, you might like to refer to some evidence, like, oh
   say the mailing list, change logs arch-ives and source which is all

None of these changes are `significant'.  Bunch of additions,
removals.  You obviously haven't used tla to be able make a fair
comparison, and assume that `baz is good, baz is great', when the
changes in baz' UI are so big that you will never notice them over
daily usage of baz.

address@hidden:~$ baz help > /tmp/a
address@hidden:~$ tla help > /tmp/b
address@hidden:~$ wdiff /tmp/a /tmp/b
                        [-baz-]                        {+tla+} sub-commands

* help

                        help : provide help with arch

* User Commands

                       my-id : print or change your id

          my-default-archive : print or change your default archive
            register-archive : change an archive location registration
             whereis-archive : print an archive location registration
                    archives : report registered archives and their locations
              [-upgrade : perform an upgrade of local baz settings and data.-]

* Project Tree Commands

             [-annotate : display the changesets that last modified lines in 
the tree
                 diff : report about local changes in a project tree-]

                   init-tree : initialize a new project tree
              [-tree-id : Print the tree identifier for a project tree->-]
                   tree-root : find and print the root of a project tree

                tree-version : [-Print-] {+print+} the default version for a 
project tree
            set-tree-version : [-This command has been removed; you can use 
'baz tree-version <version>' instead.-] {+set the default version for a project 

                        undo : undo and save changes in a project tree
                        redo : redo changes in project tree

                     {+changes : report about local changes in a project tree+}
                   file-diff : show local changes to a file
               [-switch : change the working trees version to that of package-]

* Project Tree Inventory Commands

                   inventory : inventory a source tree
               [-status : scan a project tree and show the tree status.
                   {+tree-lint+} : audit a source tree
             [-resolved : Tell bazaar one or more tree problems have been 
                          id : report the inventory id for a file

           id-tagging-method : print or change a project tree id tagging method

                      add-id : add an explicit inventory id
                   delete-id : remove an explicit inventory id
                     {+move-id : move an explicit inventory id
                       touch : add an explicit inventory id, touching the 
                          rm : remove a file (or dir, or symlink) and its 
explicit inventory tag (if any)
              [-move-id : move an explicit inventory id-]
                          mv : move a file (or dir, or symlink) and its 
explicit inventory tag (if any)
            explicit-default : print or modify default ids
                  {+default-id : (alias for explicit-default)+}

         id-tagging-defaults : print the default =tagging-method contents
            [-inode-sig : output the inode signature for a source tree.-]

* Patch Set Commands

                   changeset : compute a whole-tree changeset
                     {+mkpatch : (alias for changeset)+}
             apply-changeset : apply a whole-tree changeset
                     {+dopatch : (alias for apply-changeset)+}
              show-changeset : generate a report from a changeset

* Archive Transaction Commands

                make-archive : create a new archive directory
               {+archive-setup : create new categories, branches and versions

               make-category : create a new archive category
                 make-branch : create a new archive branch
                make-version : create a new archive version+}

                      import : archive a full-source base-0 revision
               [-export : export all or some of a tree revision-]
                      commit : archive a changeset-based revision

                         get : construct a project tree for a revision
               get-changeset : retrieve a changeset from an archive

               lock-revision : lock (or unlock) an archive revision
              archive-mirror : update an archive mirror

* Archive Commands

                     abrowse : print an outline describing archive contents
                     rbrowse : print an outline describing an archive's contents
                  categories : list the categories in an archive
                    branches : list the branches in an archive category
                    versions : list the versions in an archive branch
                   revisions : list the revisions in an archive version
                    ancestry : display the ancestory of a revision
              ancestry-graph : display the ancestory of a revision
       [-change-archive : Alter properties of an archive. For instance, add 
signatures to an unsigned archive.-]

             cat-archive-log : print the contents of an archived log entry

                    cacherev : cache a full source tree in an archive
                  cachedrevs : list cached revisions in an archive
                  uncacherev : remove a cached full source tree from an archive

           archive-meta-info : report meta-info from an archive
            archive-snapshot : update an archive snapshot
             archive-version : list the archive-version in an archive

               archive-fixup : fix ancillary files (e.g. .listing files) in an 

* Patch Log Commands

                    make-log : initialize a new log file entry
                log-versions : list patch log versions in a project tree
             add-log-version : add a patch log version to a project tree
          remove-log-version : remove a version's patch log from a project tree
                  [-log : Show the log messages for the working directory or 
                        logs : list patch logs for a version in a project tree
                     cat-log : print the contents of a project tree log entry

                   changelog : generate a ChangeLog from a patch log

               log-for-merge : generate a log entry body for a merge
                      merges : report where two branches have been merged
                  new-merges : list tree patches new to a version

* Multi-project Configuration Commands

                build-config : instantiate a multi-project config
                  cat-config : output information about a multi-project config

* Commands for Branching and Merging


                         {+tag+} : create a [-branch
                merge : merge from another branch-] {+continuation revision 
(aka tag or branch)+}

                      update : update a project tree to reflect recent archived 
                      replay : apply revision changesets to a project tree
                  {+star-merge : merge mutually merged branches+}
                 apply-delta : compute a changeset between any two trees or 
revisions and apply it to a project tree
                     missing : print patches missing from a project tree

                 join-branch : add a version as an ancestor of a project tree
                   sync-tree : unify a project tree's patch-log with a given 

                       delta : compute a changeset (or diff) between any two 
trees or revisions

* Local Cache Commands

                     {+changes : report about local changes in a project tree
                   file-diff : show local changes to a file+}
                   file-find : find given version of file

                   pristines : list pristine trees in a project tree
               {+lock-pristine : lock (or unlock) a pristine tree+}
                add-pristine : ensure that a project tree has a particular 
pristine revision
               find-pristine : find and print the path to a pristine revision

* Revision Library Commands

         my-revision-library : print or change your revision library path
              library-config : configure parameters of a revision library
                library-find : find and print the location of a revision in the 
revision library
                 library-add : add a revision to the revision library
              library-remove : remove a revision from the revision library
            library-archives : list the archives in your revision library
          library-categories : list the categories in your revision library
            library-branches : list the branches in a library category
            library-versions : list the versions in a library branch
           library-revisions : list the revisions in a library version
                 library-log : output a log message from the revision library
                library-file : find a file in a revision library

* [-Cache Commands

         cache-config : Print or change your cache settings

*-] Published Revisions Commands

                        grab : grab a published revision

* Miscellaneous Scripting Support

          parse-package-name : parse a package name
          valid-package-name : test a package name for validity
                      escape : print strings in escaped or unescaped form

Use [-baz-] {+tla+} command -h for help on `command', or [-baz-] {+tla+} 
command -H for detailed help.

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