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From: AidanSchofield
Subject: magpie.el
Date: 2 Mar 2007 08:03:55 -0800
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Here is a method for dynamically expanding acronyms from what you have
already typed. It also provides other methods for grabbing useful text
and copying it to where you are editing most usefully when you are
typing LaTeX.

As examples if you call `magpie-expand' after typing ",hiam" this
string would be replaced by "here is a method" (in the present buffer:
see first paragraph). If you typed ",hiam3" this would expand to "here
is a method for dynamically expanding" as would "her6".

See the file for
other expansion methods and for explanations of the above examples.

Acronyms are also useful for specifying symbols in Emacs Lisp quickly
and magpie.el also provides lisp-specific expansion methods and three
functions `magpie-execute-extended-command', `magpie-describe-
function' and `magpie-describe-variable'
which behave as you would expect. Thus after binding the first of
these to M-X you would type
M-XecbRET to run `eval-current-buffer'.

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