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Q: Whole rest woe

From: David Petrou
Subject: Q: Whole rest woe
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 19:53:34 -0500
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I'm trying to get whole rests in different voices that are on the same
staff to be separated by vertical space.

I tried:
  \property Staff.MultiMeasureRest \override #'staff-position = #3
in one voice, and
  \property Staff.MultiMeasureRest \override #'staff-position = #-3
in another.

The rests move away from the center of the staff, but they are still
overlapping.  I'm guessing that the staff-position that I select is
being used for voices.  I tried to get around this by removing the
Multi_measure_rest_engraver from the StaffContext and placing it into
the VoiceContext, but I couldn't get that to work.  Maybe I'm doing
that wrong.

Any ideas?


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