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Re: about GNU Hurd

From: arnuld
Subject: Re: about GNU Hurd
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 19:38:57 +0530

On 7/16/07, Michael Banck <address@hidden> wrote:

Neither Fedora nor Debian are `companies'; Fedora is merely heavily
sponsored by RedHat, but becoming more and more independent.  Debian
never was and never will be a company or get heavily sponsored by one.

Feel free to put your energy whereever you want, but please respect
other Free Software projects along the way.

hey.. Michael.... i did not say those are companies....aaarrgh.... i
think my words overlapped there. i clear this illusion here:

1.)  "sometimes i think there are too many people working on Fedora
and too many on Debian and other GNU/Linu distros and here Hurd lacks
manpower. i think people have forgotten their freedom"

2.) "Corporates are a virus to society"

these 2 are different and unrelated to each other. in (2) by
corporates i mean companies like Sun, IBM, Java and all of those big
MNCs and small non-MNCs who create proprietary softwares. i do not
target Microsoft  or any single company because root cause of the
trouble is proprietary mentality which is shared by more than 97% of
the corporate.

by (1) i mean too many people are working on other distros, maintaing
them and spending their energy and time on them, including maintaining
non-free packages like Skype, Sun-JRE, unrar etc. while that time
could be spent on writing Hurd translators, a Hurd installer and a
package system for GNU or some other trivial but important work for
GNU Project but they do not.

so you see i attacked 2 very different and unrelated aspects and i
explained them in context to one aspect "Hurd lacks manpower".

i really overlapped these 2 earlier .. i apologize bothering you :-|


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