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Re: about GNU Hurd

From: Anders Breindahl
Subject: Re: about GNU Hurd
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:11:56 +0200
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On 200707311150, Michael Heath wrote:
> I don't think so. Google's SoC is designed to help finance one student to
> work on a specific task within a project. With a Hurd-specific fund, you
> would be able to to choose specifically where to spend the money for it to
> be the most beneficial to the Hurd. You'd also be able to finance work by
> developers who may not be elligible for SoC. It's a completely different
> system.

I agree. If the Hurd wants a kick start towards the end of some of the
goals that are stated -- update glue code, migrate microkernel, make
software package $x compatible with the Hurd (or the reverse), implement
this and that netfs translator, and so on -- paid work would be

Especially if the FSF or GNU itself will take earmarked donations and
hold them till either used or decidedly returned to donors.

I also agree, that Summer of Code is something different. It's aimed at
smaller projects that fit within the timeframe of one person*summer.
Here we're (rms is) talking about 6 person*months, and projects that
don't need to achieve a stated goal completely.

After all, there isn't so much work that needs to be done, in order for
the Hurd to be a satisfactory standin for Linux. This amount of work
could well do some significant change, in this respect.

Seen from my chair, that is.

Regards, skrewz.

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