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New GNU Hurd Installer

From: Raghesh A
Subject: New GNU Hurd Installer
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 00:29:26 +0530


As of now the new gnu hurd installer works in a way that it will install the gnu system into the drive and it will prompt the user to insert the first cd of debian-K14 series in order to set up the binaries required for having the X configured successfully. We are planning to develop the installer further in two different ways. The first one is, as Alfred M. Szmidt mentioned, make the installer work with GNU snapshots. The proceedings for making this installer as a GNU Package is going on. Karl is taking care of the evaluation. Thanks to Karl. The second one is porting the installer completely into the debian installer.

There are so many suggestions coming from those who tried the installer.

     * Most of them were regarding wrong inputs given by the user. The checks will be   incorporated soon.
     * Another one is about the partition tool used (fidsk or cfdisk). Karl suggested to include both and let the user make his own choice.
     * The detection of other operating systems in the hard drive is not automated completely. There are plans to use some tools like 'osprober'.

Please provide your valuable suggestions and ideas to make improvements in the installer. Thanks to Philip Charles, who helped a lot for the development.


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