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Re[2]: [gnugo-devel] corner matcher

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re[2]: [gnugo-devel] corner matcher
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 23:41:59 +0200

Arend wrote:
> Finally, it looks to me that your corner matchpat doesn't work for
> joseki variations with captured stones. Is that right, or did I misread
> the code?

hmm, what do you mean?

> Finally, some comments to the data structures (in patterns.h) would be
> great!
> (xor_att is 3 usually, and 0 if the same color moves twice in a row?
> second_corner_offset marks the opposite corner of the box on the board
> that has to fit the joseki variation? (The square mark in the .sgf-file.))

ok, i'll add proper comments once the patch is in.

xor_att differentiates colors, 3 stands for opponent and 0 for the one
to move or the way round (i don't have the sources at the moment).

your guess about second_corner_offset is correct.

> Finally, are you really sure we will never have joseki of lenght more
> than 128? (Ok I am kidding...)

so much time has passed and i don't remember any such constants there ;)
where is it?


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