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Re: [GNU Herds]: Nationality list translation -- no official word --> "I

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: [GNU Herds]: Nationality list translation -- no official word --> "Inter-institutional Writing Code"
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 18:11:30 +0100
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Klaus Weiss wrote:
> Unfortunately there exist some countries which have no official word for
> their nationality in German. For those countries I added the suffix
> `resident` (`Bewohnerin` which is again female). With this solution
> countries remain in the order the users would expect - I suppose this is
> what we want in general :)
> For example:
>   Saint Pierre and Miquelon
> becomes:
>   St. Pierre und Miquelon Bewohnerin

Loreto chose to add  "Natural de",  following the "Inter-institutional Writing 
Code" defined by several European Union bodies, breaking so the order which 
some users would expect.

  msgid "Saint Pierre and Miquelon"
  msgstr "Natural de São Pedro e Miquelon"

My personal opinion is that we should follow the "Inter-institutional Writing 
Code" for every country and nationality translation.

About breaking the order which some users would expect, IMHO it is not a main 
problem due to we will solve the long-ComboBoxes problem allowing users fill 
the country code, as it was adviced by Victor; So users do not have to search 
theirs country or nationality in the long ComboBox lists.  There will not be 
ComboBox list, just a text box where fill code or country-nationality names.

I had the same problem than you with Spanish. At such cases I have chosen just 
to keep the contry name, without adding anything:

  msgid "Saint Pierre and Miquelon"
  msgstr "San Pedro y Miquelón"

However, now, I am going to review my translation using 
the "Inter-institutional Writing Code".

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