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Re: (1) ISO nationalities, (2) License to work at, (3) Others comments

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: (1) ISO nationalities, (2) License to work at, (3) Others comments
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 22:37:40 +0100
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MJ Ray wrote:
> Davi Leal wrote:
> >   3. Only one free-to-feel form field.
> >
> >   4. Remove the current nationality form field. So we will not have
> >      problems.
> I'd go for one of the above, but what is nationality to be used for?
> That's what I don't understand. Is it about work permits and stuff (if
> so, use ISO + maybe additional

Yes, the nationality field was thought as a way to infer the "license to work 
at" information.

It seems nationality and "license to work at" do not always match. E.g.:
  "ISO nationalities": He is Italian and Brazilian.
  "License to work at": He can work at Brazil and Europe.

Therefore, maybe, we should add both fields:

  Rename field:
      "Nationality" --> "ISO Nationalities"

  New field:
      "License to work at". List regions/countries.

It is just more information to be taken into account by employers, as the age, 
postal address, and others fields are.  Note they are all optional fields.

Maybe the problem was the field name. I propose now change it 
form "Nationality" to "ISO Nationality". Users can fill it or not. It has 
been always an optional to fill field.  So it will be more obvious the webapp 
ask for her official ISO nationality, not for her nationality.

As Klaus wrote at the #gnuherds channel,  "there exists at least one crucial 
argument for nationalities... companies must know the nationality of their 
employes, they are often restricted to some certain nationalities..."

> also remember that people can have multiple nationality) or are we wanting 
to help xenophobes to only employ Pure-bred Americans and similar?

You are right MJ!  So we must modify the webapp to support filling multiple 
  New task:

The project can not stop xenophobes just removing fields. They can block such 
applicants at any later phase of the Human-Resource selection process. We can 
not avoid it.

> If it's useless, leave it out for now and let people put it elsewhere in 
their descriptions somehow.

It is usefull. It is just more information to be taken into account by 

> Once it's decided what to use it for, then the right answer becomes
> clear.

MJ, as you can see, I have changed my mind about the nationality issue. 
Please, let us know if you disagree.

Just change the field name to avoid the problem you exposed. Klaus agrees.

So the webapp will not offer a field to fill non-ISO nationalities. 
Only 'official' ISO-nationalities. E.g., your is "British".

If somebody want to expose his non-ISO nationality, or anyother non usual 
information, he will have to do it elsewhere in their description somehow. 
E.g. A new short field added to the person's form:

  New field:
      "Others comments/Description"

Please, let us know if you disagree about this new proposal.

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