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Re: [gnulib-tool-py] Welcome

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: [gnulib-tool-py] Welcome
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:59:01 +0200

Hi Dmitriy.

On 04/27/2012 01:08 PM, Dmitriy Selyutin wrote:
>> whether and how to support Python 3
> The code available at github currently runs successfully under Python 2 and
> Python 3. I will try to avoid the pitfalls and to save backward
> compatibility if possible. However in talk with Bruno we decided that the
> main language for our needs is Python 3, so in a desperate situation I
> think I'll follow Python 3 way, even though I prefer Python 2.
FWIW, I fully agree with Bruno on this :-)

But I guess that with some care you might be able to preserve the Python 2
compatibility, which seems the best solution to me (again, if it is not too
difficult to obtain, nor too effort-wasting).

> It seems the
> future belogns to Python 3, because Python 2 is closed for implementing new
> fetures. However we probably need to discuss if there is something unclear.
Your explanation above is clear enough to me, and fully sensible.  Thanks.

>> you merge his work in the Gnulib official tree
> I think that we can leave development at two git repos: when there will be
> stable version you can merge it to savannah, but it seems that leving
> github for development and experimental features is not bad idea.
For the short term, this makes perfect sense; but in the long term, your
python implementation is to completely supplant the shell one, so in the
end your work must find a way into the official gnulib repository -- which
is and will remain the one on savannah.

> By the way, if I have some questions about how old gnulib-tool works, shall
> I ask Bruno directly (because he is one of two (now three) authors) or I
> can post my questions in this list?
I think that posting your questions on this list is the best way to go;
even if it will just be Bruno that answer them, other people might chime
in to add their opinion or knowledge (and other more "unexperienced"
people like me might learn something useful from your exchange ;-)

*** CAVEAT ***
*** All the above is just *my* opinion; I'm no mentor nor co-mentor of
*** this project, nor a gnulib developer, so don't attach too much
*** importance to my opinions before hearing from Bruno.


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