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[Gnumed-devel] For anyone wanting to try wxPython2.5.3.1

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] For anyone wanting to try wxPython2.5.3.1
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 19:45:39 +1100
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I've just installed the latest release on my machine, so I enclose a mini-how 
to I wrote some time ago for this, with a few updates.

I'm sure you guru's can fix my errors in this how to and remove any 

Once it is installed the easiest way to play with it is to untar the 
downloaded demo, copy the .setupwx2531 to that directory, run it in a 
terminal and run the file.

Using this, you will be able to run side by side gnuMed under the only 2.4, 
and then switch to the environment in a terminal and run my 2.5 
gui_demo which I'll soon make available and upload to the CVS (or something 
else will!!!!!).

I've worked on the demo in between patients and at nights for the last couple 
of weeks, and posted some piccies to Ian, Horst and Jim, not to the list 
because the file size was 1.4MB. If anyone is personally interested I can 
email the png's directly to you, or pehaps Tony may want to put them onto a 
web page.

The demo is entirely for functional demo purposes, not good code, so the code 
is rough and ready, but Iv'e had to write/adapt many thousands of lines 
quickly. I've setup all the sections, one can flick back and forth between 
them, show some drug brief product informations by clicking on lists, and 
popping up right mouse menus, and even print the Product informations to the 

Next week,time permitting, I will add some tabs with lists of pathology 
requests, Xray requests, and do the overlays to display some Xray bitmaps, 
patholgogy results, a full product drug display on the MimsAnnual tab, I've 
already got the antibiotic guidelines working in the guidelines tab,and will 
put in half a dozen referral letters which can be displayed of the referrals 

At that point the demo will be rough and ready enough to distribute, and at 
least can give a functional face to gnuMed.

Whether the group chooses to take it up is up to them, but think that given 
the slow progress it would be a pity to not just take the framework and start 
to make the underlying stuff work.

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