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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Texlive and Gnumed

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Texlive and Gnumed
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 20:24:48 +0100
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Am Sonntag 07 März 2010 19:20:41 schrieb Allan MacKinnon:
> I was wondering if there were plans to abandon Texlive packages (as well as
> Korganizer and KonsoleKalendar) as dependencies/recommends/suggests in the
> Debian and Ubuntu packages.
There are no plans. 

> I believe I mentioned this before months ago but can't remember if anything
> was to be done about it.  Current details on the deb packages suggest
> nothing was done.

You are right.

> Texlive and the other packages are native to KDE but not Gnome and other

Texlive is neither native to KDE nor Gnome. It is essential for GNUmed and 
will stay as a dependency. There need to be very good reasons to downgrade to 

> desktops, and you really notice it when you install Gnumed under one of
> them.

> On my 'Karmic' Installation:
> 125 new packages to be installed
> 688 MB of diskspace to be used
> 304 MB to be downloaded

That seems to be a lot but for people who don't have broadband or whose 
connection is expensive there is always the Debian CD/DVD one can order for a 
few bucks.
Come on while I agree in principle people download GB (movies, music) all day. 
If you want to really use this in your practice you need to download this once 
in your life.

> On my Debian 'Squeeze' installation:
> 88 new packages to be installed
> 834MB diskspace to be used
> 474MB of downloads
> Your results may vary but you get the idea.  The size of the required
> download is unbelievably large

400 MB is acceptable unless you have expensive internet connections. It is not 
that Tex is used for GNUmed only.

> when you consider that the GNUmed,
> PostgreSQL and Python packages (the main GNUmed requirements) only amount
> to a 60-80MB download at the most.  

That is good to hear.

> What's even sillier is that I couldn't
> get Korganizer or KonsoleKalendar to work once installed.
Well, they should work out of the box without any configuration. If not it is 
a bug and we would welcome any bug report.

Both are listed as recommended. GNUmed works without them. It depends on your 
apt-get configuration if recommended packages are installed installed or not.

> Since Gnome is the default for both Ubuntu and Debian you know people will
> notice.  Such a download is obviously prohibitive for using Gnumed and
> doesn't make it look good.

It is not prohibitive for sure. Texlive is essential for printing virtually 
every document from GNUmed. Little can be done about that I am afraid unless 
some fixes OpenOffice (I doubt that).

Sebastian Hilbert

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