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Re: [Gnumed-devel] bootstrap error on Mandriva 2010

From: Rogerio Luz Coelho
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] bootstrap error on Mandriva 2010
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 19:55:58 -0300

My SUPER ISSUE is this:

I just got a new LapTop, it is a brasilian shop box and it has some nasty SiS video card, and a Realteck wireless

My wife gave it to me as a present for our new baby girl (so I can't give it back or I would hurt her feelings) she shopped around and found someone who made a Linux box, so she bought it for me (she is a Mac convert, so we don't use M$ anymoe for some time) thinking that all linuxes should work if one does - actually I thought that too :)

The damn thing came with a Mandriva 2008.01 semi-proprietary system (splash screen and logo from the vendor, you know the type) and of course I didn't even look at it twice, I made a quick download of Debian Squeeze _64 bits and started to install it in about 30minutes after I took it out of the box (hey I never used a 64bit before wanted to know the difference)

I installed Debian_64 and the damn video card didn't work , got a 640x480 screen and that was it....

Did some looking around and found out that the driver for SiS video is a nightmare ... oh well I thought, the Mandriva should get it right then I' ll just find a way to make the Debian default back to VESA.

Downloaded a DVD and installed the Mandriva 2010.0 64bits ... the default screen was a 640x480, but I got the Mandriva Config Center to set it right to 1600x1200, looks great ...

Went online and managed to make Debian default back to VESA and a 1200x748 screen ... looks great , but no wireless internet. AND Grub2 and Mandriva do not like each other ... *sigh*

Looked around, sent a e-mail to my wireless manufacturer and he said "sorry drivers only for 32bit linuxes"  ... great !!

Tried to look around and learned the basics of grub2 (hope sometime it will make sense to me, for now it simply looks crazy) but even then the damn Mandriva would not boot ... *sigh*

Rescued the Mandriva install, makes grub-legacy the default booter, and Debian is gone .... *THIS IS FOR REAL???*

Now discover that my Mandriva Postgresql is a brick, AND the default installation of GNUmed is hard to accomplish ...

So ...

My hope is continue with Debian Squeeze in the hope a update will fix or the driver or some wpa-suplicant error I get, until then I will use Mandriva for wireless access and Debian for GNUmed (most of the time I use GNUmed I have cable access, so it will be ok most of the time ;)

I will try to configure a UTF-8 Postgresql in Mandriva ...

But all this AFTER I can make these 2 distros see each other !!!!


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