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Re: Possible patches from upstream source

From: Alexey Spiridonov
Subject: Re: Possible patches from upstream source
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 23:22:39 +0400

Hello all,

I wrote the original gtk2-focus patch, which Alex has asked about. I also wrote 
a correction, which I sent
promptly thereafter. To my surprise, it is still not in CVS. Focus works _much_ 
better with it. The original one 
is *wrong*. Someone, please merge the attached! 

For reasons of school, I had disappeared for some 9 months after writing the 
patch, though I kept reading wm-dev. 
To this day,  I ran WM CVS as of August, with my corrected patch. I have seen 
no focus problems (or any others, 
except for one small irrelevant bug).

Alex, you  definitely shouldn't be using  the patch that you were asking about. 
I'll send you a joint patch (original + 
correction) that should work well against 0.80.2. That said, it seems to me 
that there's little reason to be using 0.80.2, 
as CVS is much farther ahead. Maybe someone will comment on recent stability -- 
August's CVS was pretty good 
too me.

With what Dan & Carlos reported, I went and looked at all my Motif apps (I've 
got no Java apps). I found
only one dialog box that had a problem ("timidity -im" Open dialog), so I guess 
I still have something to 
investigate. I wonder why I hadn't heard of this bug earlier.

The plan now is: I'll use latest CVS, and track down the bug. Let me know if 
you have any other helpful bits
of info.


PS Carlos, sorry you're getting two copies. Please disregard what I sent 
earlier; i was a bit out of it.

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004 13:09:09 +0300 Dan Pascu <address@hidden> wrote:
> the patch against workspace.c is definitely wrong.
> The ones against actions.c and event.c are already in the latest Window Maker 
> cvs tree. While they were added to correct the gtk2 focus rapidly switching 
> between 2 windows problem, we later discovered that apparently it didn't fix 
> this in all cases while at the same time it added an extra problem: transient 
> windows from motif applications (like netscape 4.x or acrobat reader) will 
> not receive input focus until one clicks on their titlebar, even though the 
> titlebar shows the transient window is the one that has focus.
> Because of this they may be dropped and a different solution may be sought.

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