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Re: [Gnustep-marketing] GNUstep Foundation

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: [Gnustep-marketing] GNUstep Foundation
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 00:25:52 +0100

On 2004-09-30 17:03:26 +0100 Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

--- MJ Ray <address@hidden> wrote:
On 2004-09-30 14:11:48 +0100 Quentin
I'm all for it too. A foundation dedicated to GNUstep is probably the best choice from the legitimacy and visibility points of view.
Can you explain why?
I can... Because it would be managed by people who have little to do with the
actual GNUstep project.

Huh? I would expect that to make the Foundation less legitimate in most people's eyes.

still waiting for Adam Fedor to say if he's asked FSF whether we can do most
of the tax-break stuff through them, without the overheads of our own
[...] take
control out of the hands of those who have the most to do with the project, no disrespect intended to RMS or the FSF. I'm really not sure what thier
response will be.

It need not remove control. It would surely remove some bureaucracy from the developers. Let's not prejudge their response if we don't know. I know GNOME broke away, but they are a special case in some ways. I will go read up on their foundation a bit. If anyone has a good reference, please tell me.

If visibility is the concern, does this need to be "GNUstep Foundation"
rather than "GNUstep Marketing Foundation" or "GNUstep Promotion
Similar to the GNOME Foundation and the Apache Foundation, yes it does.

Why? Just to ape GNOME?

I worry that marketing is trying to lead development, instead of assisting it. My question about verifying the suggested problems has gone unanswered as yet.

This discussion seems to be cc'd to a gnustep-dev list: is that in the gnu.*
newsgroups too?
The feeling was that not enough people were on the address@hidden
list yet.

I wanted to know whether I can read gnustep-dev as a newsgroup, not why this was cc'd.

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