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Re: Renaming GWorkspace to Workspace

From: Robert Slover
Subject: Re: Renaming GWorkspace to Workspace
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 18:07:37 -0400

Hi Gregory,

You may be correct, since registration isn't even a requirement for a trademark to be valid. My point was just that Apple doesn't appear very interested in the legacy NeXT trademarks, to the point that they maintain only a couple of them, whereas they still go through the effort of maintaining trademarks related to legacy Apple II products. It implies to me that the NeXT trade names are held in pretty low regard now. My other point was that wasn't the name of the application -- just the name of the directory that held it, whereas "Workspace Manager" was the trademark and the name of the application, used in all of the manuals, etc. As long as the name of the application is still "GNUStep Workspace", there really isn't a chance of confusion, which is the whole point of trademark/brand name registration -- besides which, Apple hasn't sold this application or used the trade name in a decade -- even less chance for confusion. Speaking for myself, I'm very much in favor of functional naming -- and that limits the namespace for this type of application significantly -- "workspace" is the function this application provides -- that's an even more apt description IMHO than "desktop".

The above thought about the name of the application vs. the name it has in the filesystem of course reminds me of some famous lines from Louis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass":

The name of the song is called "HADDOCKS' EYES."' 'Oh, that's the name of the song, is it?' Alice said, trying to feel interested. 'No, you don't understand,' the Knight said, looking a little vexed. 'That's what the name is Called. The name really Is "THE AGED AGED MAN."' 'Then I ought to have said "That's what the SONG is called"?' Alice corrected herself. 'No, you oughtn't: that's quite another thing! The SONG is called "WAYS AND MEANS": but that's only what it's Called, you know!' 'Well, what Is the song, then?' said Alice, who was by this time completely bewildered. 'I was coming to that,' the Knight said. 'The song really Is "A-SITTING ON A GATE": and the tune's my own invention.'

It is really up to Enrico. I was just offering my opinion, different from yours, about how important this name might be to Apple.

Best regards,


On Sep 23, 2006, at 10:55 AM, Gregory John Casamento wrote:


All of your discussion about what is or is not on the USPTO site with respect to this and other TMs owned by Apple is entirely irrelavent.

My point is that just because the TM is abandoned according to the USPTO does not mean that Apple will not sue us for naming applications the same as they do.

 Do what you want, but, mark my words, it's tempting fate.

 Later, GJC

--Gregory Casamento

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